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New Year brings new opportunities with ROAV Galaxy

Young couple wearing ROAV optical eyewear

A new year often gets businesses thinking about what the next 12 months may bring.

What outside factors will impact your expenditure and profit?

What are the key eyewear trends or changing technologies you should be aware of and should you be implementing these into your business?

As Bob Dylan famously sang, "The times they are a changin." Due to the pandemic it has been a challenging 2 years and life is different. But different does not need to mean worse and opticians and retail stores who adapt the quickest could be the ones that prosper. Understanding new habits, new mindsets, new challenges can often lead to new opportunities.

Below we discuss some factors to consider for 2022 and why we believe stocking ROAV Galaxy eyewear in your store could be to your advantage.


Global travel restrictions mean many people haven't been on holiday for 2 years or more. As societies armoury of medical solutions to combat the virus improve, it is predicted that travel will increase and with this comes a refresh of holiday attire which will no doubt include the purchase of new sunglasses.

ROAV Galaxy sunglasses are already popular with travellers because they are lightweight, foldable and pocketable, meaning they can be with you anywhere and everywhere you go. No more wearing eyewear on the top of your head when the sun goes in and no more bulky cases to carry around all day.

Since our conception in 2016 much of the ROAV marketing has been geared towards people who like to travel, therefore we have suitable content and images ready to support an increase in demand as travel restrictions ease.

Two girls on vacation wearing sunglasses

ROAV are the perfect holiday companion

Young woman wearing ROAV sunglasses on holiday

ROAV are designed with the modern traveller in mind


It has been said that the UK eyewear market tastes are somewhat conservative, especially when comparing the UK publics choice of colours, shapes and styles of eyewear with that of a stylish Italian or Spaniard consumer.

Reasons for this are varied, but in the early days it was clear that 'chain' optical stores ruled the roost on the UK high street which in turn led to a distinct lack of independent eyewear even being presented as an alternative choice to mainstream brands. So for years, mainstream brands were all the UK public knew.

This however is not the case now with a more savvy customer self educating themselves on new eyewear styles through the internet and worldwide fashion reports. With a more discerning, open-minded audience developing, independent opticians began to widen their selection of choice available by actively seeking independent eyewear for their customers.

Proof of this emerging market can also be seen with the independent eyewear labels like Cubitts, For Art's Sake and Tom Davies feeling confident enough even to set up their own stores across the UK.

ROAV stockist and independent optician: Eyes On St Albans

ROAV stockist and independent optician: Eyes On St Albans


It is the time of year where people are focused on improving their health and are eager to keep fit.

The ROAV Galaxy Sports eyewear collection is proving to be popular with runners, athletes, cyclists, gym goers and golfers. Reviews indicate they like how durable and portable the eyewear is.

Running enthusiast Ruth Keeley describes ROAV sports sunglasses as "essential for running in" due to the lightness in weight and scratch resistant polarised lenses.

Runner on social media wearing and discussing ROAV sports eyewear

Ruth Keeley Instagram post

Ruth Keeley Instagram video

To increase public awareness of the ROAV Sports collection we have invested in digital advertising aimed at sports enthusiasts across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Instagram advert promoting ROAV Sports collection

Stats taken from ROAV galaxy digital advert on social media

Digital advert reach performance stats


ROAV firmly believe in providing our stockists regular new collections to sell.

Our latest Oxygen sunglasses collection is a new rimless construction folding frame with modern, daring shaped designs.

It comes at a lower price point compared to our other collections, whilst still keeping the same technical thin and foldable features you would expect from ROAV.

ROAV Oxygen collection sky blue sunglasses

Inthiniti is another brand new collection of fun, stylish readers, prescription eyewear or sunglasses that function perfectly and fit into a thin compact case which is the same thinness as an iphone.

With more frame colour options than any other brand, customers can choose the colour for the temples on their glasses.

Inthiniti optical eyewear and reading glasses

Stockists can even customise the eyewear case to fit your business! Maybe you or your customers wish to choose a design that highlights a birthday, xmas or corporate message. With Inthiniti, the possibilities are endless.

12 Inthiniti eyewear case designs

This collection would appeal to the younger generation that don't want typical boring frames and want to be more involved in the frame colour and case design.

Compact stylish eyewear case for Inthiniti eyewear

Inthiniti optical eyewear and reading glasses worn by a pretty woman


Oversized sunglasses are more popular than ever with models, influencers and film and music stars embracing the look.

Ideal for the Instagram selfie generation and customers that love to make a bold statement, our ROAV Superstar collection offers a glamourous choice of oversized shapes and coloured lenses.

A woman wearing oversized Superstar collection sunglasses in the pool


If you are a business owner currently considering which eyewear to stock, why not request a free sample from us? This provides an opportunity to experience the same emotions your customers will experience and to test the build quality.

We will support stockists by giving them the marketing images and content they need to promote their business.

We will send you free point of sale support that will make ANY size space look great. All we require is a shelf, a counter near the till, or floor space and we will create a professional and attention grabbing display.

Free point of sale branding for ROAV stockists

Our creative team can even design and send nice looking emails to your database about our collections being sold to drive more footfall to your store.


With businesses being forced to shut their doors for long periods of time in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, cash reserves for many have become depleted. Many stockists find themselves with surplus stock, or models of eyewear that are no longer new.

Working with ROAV can assist with these issues. We believe that no business should be stuck with eyewear that is not selling, so have implemented an exchange agreement which allows agreed quantities of stock to be rotated with other models from our collections.

Another plus of stocking ROAV is we have no minimum order quantities, giving you the chance to test out the popularity of our eyewear by only ordering what you really need.

We are also happy to arrange fair payment plans that you feel comfortable with. It's no wonder that we now work closely with partners across 35 different countries.

As the cost of living rises due to driver shortages, increased taxes and higher energy bills we have designed several collections at different price points meaning that all budgets can be catered for via our ROAV, Inthiniti and Oxygen collections.

Folded ROAV sunglasses in protective pouch in back pocket


Technical design information about ROAV folding eyewear

With so much choice out there in 2022 it is important for the products you stock to stand out. When your customers open and close their eyewear, they will feel the wow factor from their friends reactions.

We studied existing folding eyewear and asked ourselves, "Can we reinvent and improve it?".

With 96% of customers saying they would recommend ROAV on we feel we have succeeded in our mission and are confident to provide every purchase with a 2 year warranty.

So let's raise a glass together for a successful 2022. We are here to support your business in any way we can and are confident our innovative eyewear can provide you with increased customer interest and sales over the next 12 months.

Any opticians, hotels, sports and retail outlets, gyms or golf clubs interested in stocking ROAV Galaxy can find out more by contacting Steve Carter directly on 07852178159 or

If you are a business owner considering ROAV or Inthiniti why not test out our game-changing technology for yourself and request a free sample here.

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