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Everything that we touch we aim to provide it with a fresh and emotive result that re-defines products with originality, excitement and innovation. 

Our Brands

Roav Galaxy sunglasses folded in tight back pocket

The world's thinnest folding eyewear at 8.5mm

Inthiniti colourful compact case design

The latest innovation from us - thin, light, durable and compact in an eyewear case as thin as a smartphone, with unlimited possibilities to customise the packaging for your business. 


Available in a range of materials with multiple lens options and at a highly competitive price. 

inthiniti black logo.png
Chatting over coffee building a positive working relationship

With our teams strategically located in UK, Germany, USA & Hong Kong we have at our disposal almost unlimited resources to serve your needs and support your business in the most efficient and seamless manner.


Since our products are not your run of the mill things we want you to have a sample of them to appreciate the work and thought that we put into creating them. This allows you to see the difference and experience how they can help with your business.

Seeing is Believing


Oxygen sunglasses collection on young fashionable female model
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Creating Consumer Awareness

Eyewear designer and manufacturer Midas Creatives are active on social media to create more awareness and listen to customers' feedback. We believe this will help when you present our brands to your customers.

Furthermore when we get an enquiry from a customer we will happily refer them to your store.

-   Working Together   -

Happy Roav Galaxy sunglasses customers

Last but not least..

Fantastic customer reviews

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