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Project - 1 of many

From an Idea to now multiple collections gaining tractions worldwide

the aim of the brand is "to be the most colorful eyewear collection in the world"


we designed the logo and the entire collection with theme and story for each line. we used "every color has a story" as a foundation to allow further introductions of styles and coloring techniques.


a brand is not only about products - it is an experience and a media for common prespective. so every detail has to be well thought out to bring out the focus message.


without "focus" it is just another frame with a name - it has no life, no emotion.



a very meaningful project for us -


we helped to transfer arts from students in the rural under developed yunnan province, china onto sunglasses

so you can buy a cool pair of shades and

help children in need at the same time


Paul Michael "Snake" 

working with paul michael to realize his dream in designing and producing his first sunglasses.

it all started with his hand sketch

3D Rendering
3D Rendering
It's Alive
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