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We just Love making eyewear and we want to Share our passion and skill

Our Work


The Most Successful Crowd Funding Eyewear Project in the World


The Thinnest Folding Sunglasses on This Planet
No screws, thin and light, patent pending

Bespoke Eyewear
We have come up with a completely new system that allows everyone to custom make
their own eyewear masterpiece

Sea Plastic Differently
See how we actually use waste and turn it into something cool

We provide a "total" solution in turning your eyewear concepts into reality


From design, development, prototyping, supply chain, marketing to international sales


Everything that is required to set you up to become a force to reckon with in the eyewear industry



Design with purpose and impact


All you need is the idea and we will use all our skills to make it happen

To come in 2022


  • Extension temples replacing retainer

  • Frame designed for make up application

  • Patent hinges

  • Headband sunglasses

Everything we devote our attention on turns into GOLD

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