Midas Creatives are are an experienced and creative international team who make eyewear that excites people.

We work with businesses like xxxxx and xxxx, professionally servicing accounts in 35+ countries worldwide.  

Businesses like working with us because we do everything in our power to increase their eyewear sales.

Think innovative, in-demand eyewear, backed up by an endless array of marketing contents and point of sale.

We're so confident in the quality of our products that each one comes with a 2 year warranty. 

Working with us is made easy - no minimum order requirements, fair payment terms and an opportunity to exchange products that don't sell.

Foldable Roav sunglasses

The world's thinnest, most innovative pocketable folding eyewear.


The idea was simple- Can we re-invent it?

> 30 mm

Ray ban wayfarer folding sunglasses

< 9 mm

Roav sunglasses fold to just 9mm
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Stylish readers, prescription eyewear or sunglasses that function perfectly and look just how the customer wants them to.

inthiniti black logo_edited_edited.png

More colour options than any other eyewear brand.

Roav sunglasses folded in rubber pouch

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