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about us

we are an experienced international team of eyewear professionals each with different expertise from UK, USA, Japan and Hong Kong with over 20 years of experience yet still young at heart in believing that creativity can bring new and exciting possibilities - hence keeping us "young" all the time.


no project is too small or too big for us - as long as there is passion than it is heading the right direction.


with our experience and resources we are your catalyst in fuelling your idea into workable products.


we offer an alternative to finding out things the hard way - like we did since there was no one to help us then - and we believe our expertise will get you on track without the bumps.

our capabilities

our work approach is both traditional and advanced.

when something can be done best with traditional methods we do not use technology to show off.

new technology - 3D print etc - is exciting and gives new efficiency but as we always say,


"machines are dead steel - knowing how to make them work for the cause is human intelligence"

The Principal Members

Eyewear Design
Think Tank
UK, Hong Kong
Marketing & Distribution
Efficiency Expert
Kyoto, Japan
Sales Expert
London, UK

Nick named "Ghost" in the industry, Thomas is full of creative ideas.


He has worked with multiple international brands in the design, development and production of eyewear.


His resources in the industry are  almost unlimited- and he keeps digging up new things to adapt to eyewear.


His motto :


creativity will show us the way.



James is the former CEO of distribution of perhaps the biggest Japanese eyewear brand.


Extremely efficient, James advice is all about achieving results.


His years of experience in the Far East cannot, in our opinion, be duplicated..


He is very open minded and even at his age is still a proficient boxer.


Bang, Bang to the point - that's his style.

The man with the ready smile.


Chris was former Sales Director, Marketing Director and CEO of internationally known brands in several segments of the eyewear market, furnishing him with strong connections  throughout Europe and beyond.


His insight and know how in the distribution of eyewear is a treasure chest of gold.



Honorary Members

Celebrity Stylist
Deisgner, TV Host
Australia, HK
Eyewear Design
Vision Charity
USA - Beijing

International Members

Fabrice Cochard
Vivienn Vass

Passionate About Eyewear ?

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Midas Creatives are an alliance of people passionately involved in the eyewear industry.


However we are not responsible for the act of any member

and take no responsibility legal or otherwise, directly or indirectly

in any matter that they deal with with their connections.

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